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The Association of Talent Agents’ member agencies are strong advocates committed to advancing and protecting the best interests of writers and all artists.

Seismic shifts in the media landscape — including the rise of heavyweight streaming services and consolidation of traditional media companies — are generating new challenges and opportunities that artists and agents need to navigate and address together. We are dedicated to reaching a new long-term agreement with the Writers Guild of America and are certain that collaboration will drive the best outcome for writers and all artists.

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The Facts

WGA leadership abruptly terminated the decades-old agreement that successfully governed the relationship between agencies and the Guild, and mandated its writers fire their agents regardless of what individual writers wanted. Get up to speed on how we got here, the key issues and the status of negotiations.

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Our Voice

Throughout negotiations, the ATA has sought to drive a balanced, data-driven discussion with the WGA while educating and supporting writers and member agencies.

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On The Table

For more than a year, the ATA has been entirely committed to negotiating in good faith with the WGA, recognizing that a partnership is paramount to supporting writers and all artists. We put forward a comprehensive solution that addresses the key issues and gives writers choice, transparency and safeguards, ensuring that agents are aligned with writers’ best interests while keeping job opportunities available to writers.

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Read the latest news articles, as well as thoughtful opinion pieces from writers and industry experts.

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Writers First

Talent agents are solely focused on collaborating with writers and all artists to help grow and protect their careers — finding opportunities, nurturing talent and ensuring maximum compensation for artists in a rapidly consolidating media market.

Recent News

January 6, 2020


Why There’s No End in Sight for the WGA’s Legal Battle With Agencies

Will Hollywood writers wait another 14 months for a resolution to the ugly standoff between the largest talent agencies and the Writers Guild of America? The timeline for the legal fight playing out in federal court calls for the trial in the lawsuit filed by WME, CAA and UTA against the WGA to begin in March […]

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